Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why another Jazz Guitar Blog?

Originally, I was a pianist, but eventually I got tired of the typewriter feel of the instrument and wanted something more tactile. I wanted to be able to shape the sound vibrations more directly, rather than just push keys. Now, since I could not entertain the idea of playing woodwind or brass, simply not having enough puff or not being up for the challenge of learning how to breathe properly etc, the guitar turned out to be a nice way out. I would have preferred the bass, but I figured out that I would not have much chance of playing within a group, given my work and family commitments, so the guitar was better because at least I could arrange and
play tunes on my own (as I would have done on the piano).

Also, I have had an on and off relationship with the guitar, always picking up one if it's available, playing a few chords etc. I used to have a 12-string acoustic, but I only dabbled. In 1995, I bought in Portugal a 12-string (5-course) viola Amarantina, which I did because it was different and I like unusual instruments. So I learned a few tunes and tricks on it and in 2005, I bought a Brazilian 10-string viola caipira, which seemed to make sense as an additional unlikely instrument.

So in 2007, I took the plunge, after borrowing an old electric off a friend for a few months, I bought myself an archtop, semi-acoustic, the Ibanez AK95. Then I started building up a small repertory of tunes and slowly trying a few solos. So that is what this blog is all about, my experiences and impressions as I learn stuff about guitars, their sound and the music I try to play.

So tune in, if you are interested. I'll try to make it useful.

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