Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The question of string choice has been on my mind for a good while now. I decided to re-string the Ibanez archtop, as the original strings were far too light, the top string (.010) sounded very thin. So, not really knowing much about it, I got a round-wound 'Jazz Medium' (D'Addario), but the low strings were too bright for my taste. They also kept giving this rubbing noise, making it sound almost like an acoustic guitar, and that just irritated me. So I changed the wound strings for flat-wound chromes. Now this is more like it, but perhaps a bit too dark. However it gives the guitar a great feel as your hand just slides on them. The downside is that they a bit harder to play, they seem stiffer and require more force. I suppose it will be good for practicing on them.
On my solid (Godin xtSA), I am still using the original light (.010) strings, but when I change, I will try half-round (.012), which is what Godin fits their semi acoustic (Multiac Jazz). They might actually be what I am looking for: a good tone, not too bright, a bit mellow, well 'jazzy'. I will keep on experimenting.

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